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The guys at DiRienzo's were amazing to us. In typical italian fashion we were treated like kings. The sammies are to die for here. Let's start with the bread. Crunchy on the outside and chewy and delicious on the inside. We discovered that it's delivered first thing in the morning and specially made for DiRienzo's by a local bakery. The meat cuts are out of this world, generously heaped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and other options to your liking and with a $5 price tag they will keep you coming back for more. The pasta was amazing as well. Oodles of sauce and exploding with that rich Italian flavor! This place is rated 93% on Urbanspoon for a reason. It's easily one of the best in Ottawa. Check out our video above for the full experience!

Hidden gem 

This unassuming place looks like any run of the mill corner store. But dig a little deeper and you'll unearth a treasure. The Chicken Bacon Avacado is owner Gabriels, specialty sandwich, and it's nothing short of a miracle. The fresh pulled chicken, piled high with fresh tomato and lettuce is only made better by the thick cuts of crunchy bacon and the secret (not so secret anymore) sauce. All of this wrapped in a thick cut egg bread loaf. This sandwich will slay even the biggest appetite. Take a trip over to Sherwoods Market & Deli and grab one of these creations for a lunch you won't soon forget!

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Hard to spot, this amazing little bakery sits in between Nepean and Gloucester on Bank st in downtown Ottawa. The sign may be hard to spot, but if you follow your nose you can't get lost. This tiny place boasts one of the best sandwiches in the city hands down. Fully vegetarian, they serve some of the best baked goods as well. We tried the Tosto sandwich (pronounced TOAST-OH) 4 kinds of cheese, garlic and an assortment of other fresh ingredients made this a sandwich to die for. Just the smell of it makes your mouth water. Made with love and grilled to melty perfection, Allison truly is an artist! Do not hesitate. Do yourself a favor and go grab one of these incredible delights. While you're there, try any of their desserts, especially the chocolate chip cookie which is easily the best we've ever had. We love this place and we know you will too!

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   The Wiches Cauldron was such a great experience for us! Not only did we get acquainted with Craig and Moniqu but we fell in love with them! Chefs and Sweethearts, these two made us a sandwich we have NEVER tasted before. With a cracked peppercorn strawberry sauce and carmelized onions this chicken sandwich oozed with flavor. Not to be outdone, their soups are equally as amazing. One more thing we love about this place is they change their menu every two weeks, so you never know what you're going to get and are never disappointed. The little dipper of soup is a genius idea! Way to go you two, you've created a loyal following of people who love you, and we can see why. 

     Make a trip to Stittsville today and grab yourself a Wiches Cauldron Soup & Sandwich teamup from this very good looking duo. 


What an amazing food truck. Chocked full of amazing gourmet poutines and hot dogs. Dennis Collette or Big D as his friends call him, runs a tight ship with 14 different kinds of dogs and poutines. Saturday is when you want to head over here and have an Eggs Benny poutine. Amazing hollandaise sauce with a fresh fried egg and cheese make this the most original and tastiest breakfasts I can think of. The dogs are just as good, Lesters steamed dogs topped with homemade mustard and meat sauce make up the delicious Coney Island which is one of the most popular items. Get here soon, and if you can finish a large by yourself, there's something wrong with you. 


What the Truck was one of those places that came out of nowhere! Garnering a massive Urban spoon rating which is well deserved! Italian authenticity to the core starting with the thin dough, right up to the pricey cuts of meat. Only the best, freshest make it into Leo's creations. Not too heavy with a delicious crunch these pizza's will have you coming back for more. The panini's are something to behold with fresh italian sausage and delicious cheese. Make a point of getting to this food truck, it is a must try place. 

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